Make the ultimate impact with UK Billboard Advertising

The granddaddy of outdoor advertising, Billboard advertising first appeared in 1835 and have been around ever since.

The basic concept has not changed – a huge message to be seen by as many people as possible – and billboards have become the staple of outdoor advertising, with thousands of locations across the UK giving advertisers the ability to reach millions of people every day.

This ubiquity and huge reach means Billboards form the staple of most outdoor campaigns we book for our customers.

Targeted Campaigns

Billboards are great for talking to road users and pedestrians alike, you can use them for a blanket / wide approach or very strategically by choosing sites in the area of a town or city you want to target.

As an example you may wish to target all of Birmingham – so simply choose the main arterial routes and busy rat runs. On the other hand you may wish to talk to people in Alum Rock, Sparkbrook and Handsworth or Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and Edgbaston – not a problem, we use sites in those areas that give you the audience you want.

Billboard Options

Billboard Advertising comes in two standard landscape sizes:

  • 48 sheet Billboards are the industry standard and most commonly seen, measuring 10ft x 20ft and made up of 48 sheets (hence the name!).
  • For even greater impact, 96 sheets provide incredible reach and offer a vast canvas to get your message out. Situated in premium locations with high footfall, 96 sheets provide a giant, super-wide board that’s twice the width of a standard 48 sheet.

Digital Billboards

Increasingly popular in prime sites, digital billboards provide even greater impact.

Most don’t allow for moving imagery – due to their proximity to moving traffic – but due to their increased brightness they offer great impact and generally return more awareness for your pound.

Digital is sold in a slightly different way from print – usually in 10 second blocks of 3-6 advertisers, meaning your ad will be shown for at least 10 seconds every minute.

All billboard advertising is sold on a standard 2-week cycle. Full artwork specifications are supplied upon booking a campaign.

Billboard Facts

  • Billboards are effective for both large and small brands and offer great value for money to get your message to a large audience
  • Billboards work brilliantly with digital: They are great for initiating a call to action to prompt viewers to get their mobile phone out of their pocket.
  • Most billboards have an impact statistic that shows how many people will see the site over a 2-week period – so you can buy on local knowledge or purely statistics.
  • Combine with other media – such as buses and street posters – for complete area coverage
  • Sites are traditionally booked in 2-week cycles
  • No artwork? For a small charge, we can help you to create your advertising and we also provide a full print service.
CT1 Billboard

Digital Billboards in prime locations offer great stand-out


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