Unrivalled Coverage with UK Bus Advertising

Bus advertising is one of the more popular types of outdoor advertising and has a few key features that guarantee exceptional coverage.

Opportunities inside and outside of the vehicles mean you can target not just passengers, but any pedestrians and motorists on their route.  And with the same route being travelled multiple times a day, bus advertising lets you take your message to the people, guaranteeing unrivalled reach for your spend.

Target the area you want

Bus advertising gives you the opportunity to talk to all road users and pedestrians – not just the bus traveller.

Looking at Birmingham as a guide you can cover key areas of a city such Solihull at the South East by using the depots of Acocks Green and Yardley Wood – or Sutton Coldfield and Great Barr via the Perry Barr depot, or cover the city using a mix of depots or the wider region using Birmingham and West Midlands depots.

CT1 Billboard


Bus Supersides

Bus supersides are the perfect on the road media for standing out above the clutter of our roads and constantly catch the eye of pedestrians and motorists.

Traditionally booked in 2-weeks cycles

Bus T-Sides

Bus T-sides carry the WOW factor and really stand out on the crowded streets of our busiest towns and cities.s.

Traditionally booked in 2-weeks cycles

Bus Rears

Bus rears are excellent for talking to the motorist with an average dwell time of 48-seconds to absorb the advert , bus rears are an effective way to take your message out around the city where billboards and other static media do not cover. Booked in 4-week and 2-week cycles

Internal Posters

Internal bus sites are headliners and passenger panels (passenger panels are only found on buses in the Midlands region as a rule). Internal sites are a great tool for talking to passengers as the average bus journey time in the West Midlands is 26-minutes. The demographic leans to a young audience also an over 50s audience and of a CDE demographic.

Booked in 4-week and 2-week cycles

Mega Rears & Wrapped Sides

Mega rears and wrapped sides are the jewels in the crown of bus advertising – large areas for impactful artwork that grab the attention. There are double deck and single deck Mega Rears and fully wrapped bus sides – the vinyl’s are very resilient and can last over a year before needing to be replaced. Booked in a minimum of a 16-week cycle or longer



Buses are on the road for 16 hours per day, every day

Average bus journey nationwide is 30-minutes

4.4 Billion bus journeys are made every year in the UK

6 million more people have seen Bus advertising than billboard advertising in the last week (TGI)


91% of Bus passengers can spontaneously recall Bus advertising (The Road to Enlightenment)


People are 89% more likely to research a product seen OOH on their mobile phone (TGI)


78% more likely to purchase a product after seeing OOH advertising (TGI)


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