A Totally New Concept in Mobile Screen Media Advertising.

Completely unique to ADI Outdoor, Epoch is the next generation of moving outdoor advertising.  With a huge 230” high-impact LED screen, Epoch is impossible to miss whether it’s parked in a static location or on the move on the city streets.

You can book Epoch either exclusively or as part of a shared inventory.  If booked exclusively, you can choose the route and also choose stop off locations for raised screen display.

Epoch offers incredible value for money for campaigns where you want to make a big impact to a targeted audience.

Epoch offers three modes of operation:

On The Move

Target pedestrians on a pre-determined route.  Ideal for promoting campaigns to a localised audience or delivering message to as many people as possible.

Parked Lowered Screen

Park up in a pre-determined location to provide a high impact digital billboard.  Perfect for targeting audience at a select location or event and gives the ability to move quickly between locations.

Parked Raised Screen

Choose a location for a prolonged stop-off and the Epoch can set down its legs and raise the screen to a height of six metres for clear visibility above crowds and traffic.

Epoch’s party piece is its ability to revolve between landscape and portrait adverts, so you can choose what suits your content and creative best.


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